Ask anything about the video

VideoSage, empowered by Moonshot Kimi AI, can provide you summaries, insights, timestamps and anything you want to know about the video.

More than summary

You can ask whatever you want about the video! Here are some examples but don’t let it limit your imagination!


VideoSage AI, powered by the Moonshot(月之暗面) Kimi large model, provides precise answers based on the content of the videos. Even when faced with unfamiliar queries, the AI will respond with a clear acknowledgment of its limitations. It strives to deliver accurate information, enhancing credibility and reliability.


You can engage in conversations with the AI while watching videos, enabling discussions and note-taking alongside the video content.
This fosters a collaborative environment where humans and AI work together, enhancing your overall user experience.


A dedicated platform designed to streamline the experience of watching long videos for individual users. Offering a variety of tools and features to customize and enhance your viewing experience.

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